Stainless Drinkware Makes Sense

Stainless drinkware – bottles and tumblers – have been around for awhile, but there’s been a surge in popularity with two styles in particular:  The S’well® bottle and the Yeti® Rambler.

The promo industry has embraced these two stainless drinkware products with many suppliers adding their own versions. These two styles were one of the most popular and most seen items at recent industry shows.

What’s the big draw? Both are made from 18/8 stainless steel with double-wall copper vacuum insulation. That combination creates the best insulating properties for drinkware available. With copper vacuum insulation, a stainless bottle can retain it’s temperature for hours longer than standard air insulation.

A stainless steel copper vacuum insulated bottle can stay hot for up to 8 hours and cold for up to 24 hours!

In addition to the incredible insulating features, these bottles and tumblers also offer an eco-friendly alternative to plastic water bottles. Consider promoting these as a waste-reduction as well as wellness initiative to  your employees.

insulation chart

This chart shows the differences in various types of insulation used in drinkware.

We’ve found these items in our industry are coming in at under half the retail cost of the name brands, including your imprint:

The 20oz name brand tumbler sells for $30, while our industry version comes in around $9.99!!

crownyeti stainless drinkware

20oz Stainless Tumbler

A 17oz name brand bottle retails for $35-$45 while the very same bottle in our industry, with your custom imprint, sells as low as $9.99!!

force gray bottle stainless drinkware

17oz Stainless Bottle

In addition, the construction and quality of the promotional versions match or exceed those of the retail brands. We’ve found in some cases, the promotional versions actually are higher quality and hold temps longer.

For a full retail look and a great presentation, many of these come with retail-inspired packaging. Options for custom imprinted boxes are also available, making them perfect for gifts.

17oz force bottles stainless drinkware

Bottles come in a variety of colors, including vivid neons.

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What Makes a Wise Promotional Product Choice?

Using the right promotional product for your marketing campaign will help you reap the benefits of increased business, loyal clients and appreciative employees.

The wrong item can at the least, be throwing your money away; or at the worst, a poor reflection on your company and it’s values.

For Example:

Poor Promo Choice–

You’ve got a trade show next week and suddenly realize you’re out of promo items to hand out. In a rush, you go online and order the least expensive pens you’re able to find and upload your artwork. There’s no time for proofing, so you anxiously await their arrival. When you receive the pens, you notice the imprint is small and hard to read, but there’s no time, so you decide to use them anyway. At the trade show, potential customers are taking your pens, but they are having a hard time reading the imprint. In addition, you’re finding out the pens aren’t writing well and have seen many of them in the trash.

Wise Promo Choice–

For this same trade show, another company is considering what item would be best to hand out to potential customers. Knowing they want this item to be used and kept by the recipients, they decide a pen will be their best option. They know on average, a pen is expected to be used at least 353 times by the recipient, if they like it’s quality and keep it. With the help of their promotional consultant, they are able to find a good quality pen and decide upon artwork that will effectively communicate their message. In addition, they decide instead of handing out only a pen, they will enclose it in a marketing card which details more about their company. The card also includes a coupon for their services, creating an incentive for the recipient.


After reading these scenarios, which company do you think will receive more results from their time at the trade show? What impression has each one created upon their potential customers? Although both companies use a pen as their marketing tool, only one of them saw the marketing value it presented.

People hold on to promos that are useful, relevant and memorable. Without any of those qualities, odds are, the item will either find it’s way to the trash or dropped in a drawer, or left behind. With purpose and goals in mind, we’ll help you make sure that doesn’t happen with your promos and that you get the most out of your marketing dollars.


promotional marketing card

Adding a marketing card to contain a smaller item is an easy way to get more information into potential customers’ hands.


Small pen marketing folders are eye-catching and allow for more of your message to come through.