Zockets in Your Pockets

No, it’s not a Dr. Seuss book, it’s what our favorite apparel company, Vantage, calls their embroidery pockets – Zockets!

What are embroidery pockets? They are a feature usually specific to apparel that is made to decorate. It’s a hidden zippered pocket, usually found on items such as jackets which have a lining. In order to embroider a jacket without going through the lining, and having the backing show, the Zocket allows the embroiderer to open the lining.
After the embroidery is completed, zipping the pocket hides the embroidery backing, leaving nothing showing but the lining.
In addition, Vantage’s Zocket also doubles as a functional inside pocket – a feature most other brands don’t have. (Usually the embroidery pocket is just an opening to lining, allowing anything you put in it to fall to the bottom.)
When ordering apparel such as jackets that have lining, it’s always good to check on how the embroidery will look on the inside of the jacket. If the jacket does not have a lining or it does, but no embroidery pocket, you will see the backing of the embroidery. The only other option is to have the embroiderer rip out the lining seam, then sew it back up – which can be costly and create the possibility of damaging the apparel.